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EU - My Talent is Free: Gaza Youth Unleash their Talents during the Gaza Summer Festival
16/10/2019 Download
UNESCO and the Government of Norway officially handed-over the Gender Policy Institute (GPI) to the Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoWA)
15/10/2019 Download
WFP - Japan helps WFP to maintain food assistance to families in Gaza, 15 October 2019
15/10/2019 Download
PCBS - Increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) during September 2019, 14 October 2019
14/10/2019 Download
PNGO Condemns Israeli Occupying Forces for the Raiding of Health Work Committees Headquarters, 12 October 2019
12/10/2019 Download
Message from Dr. Natalia Kanem, Executive Director of UNFPA World Mental Health Day – 10 October 2019
11/10/2019 Download
Statement by UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem on the International Day of the Girl Child, 11 October
11/10/2019 Download
Statement of the Humanitarian Coordinator, Mr. Jamie McGoldrick, calling for the protection of children in the Gaza Strip, 10 October 2019
10/10/2019 Download
Statement by Human Rights and Democracy Media Center “SHAMS” on the occasion of World Day against the Death Penalty - “Children are invisible victims of the death penalty”, 10 October 2019
10/10/2019 Download
WHO launches report on the Right to Health 2018, October 2019
10/10/2019 Download
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