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Gender Mainstreaming for Effective and Efficient Aid Management


Since its inception, the Ministry of Women Affairs has been seeking to promote gender justice and empower women through advancing government commitment towards these issues. In this context, the Ministry continues to exert efforts to mainstream equality and women's empowerment issues into policies and general budgets. In addition, the Ministry works in partnership with all relevant authorities to develop laws and legislations and ensure their sensitivity to the human rights of women.

Given the almost full dependence of the Palestinians on foreign aid for implementing development programs, mainstreaming gender issues into aid coordinating mechanisms constitutes a vital pillar for effective promotion of such aid on one hand; and for promotion of social justice as well as bridging the gap between men and women in regards to their participation in and their benefit from development returns, on the other.

In 2012, a survey study was conducted within the local aid coordination structure on Gender. It concluded a number of recommendations the implementation of which would contribute to promoting mainstreaming Gender issues into the local aid coordination structure. These recommendations include:

·         Strengthening a common view and joint values with respect to dealing with gender issues within the aid coordination structure

·         Ensuring MoWA has the needed capacity, resources and support  to promote the understanding and capacity of gender-mainstreaming within the local aid coordination structure

·         Adopting gender sensitive indicators for the coordination structure to improve the monitoring of gender-mainstreaming

·         Expanding the alignment with and the implementation of the Cross-Sectoral National Gender Strategy

·         Agreeing on sharing existing gender-mainstreaming tools and sensitization courses among members

·         Discussing the introduction of a gender-marker system in the aid coordination structure


Launching this webpage constitutes part of the continuing effort to promote mainstreaming of Gender into the local aid coordination structure through allowing the members of LACS and other national mechanisms working on Gender equality and women's empowerment the opportunity to benefit from the tools and manuals of gender mainstreaming which we provide through this page. We also look forward to cooperating with you, hoping that you shall share with us all useful relevant documents in your possession. 



PA institutions: Ministry of Planning and Administrative Development (MoPAD), Ministry of Women Affairs  (MoWA)
Donors: Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, BTC, Canada, Czech, Denmark, DFID, ECHO, EUBAM, EUPOL COPPS, Office of the European Union Representative (EUREP), Finland, France, FAO, Germany, GIZ, Hungary, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Ireland, Italy, Italian Cooperation, Japan, JICA, Korea, KOICA, Malta, Mexico, Norway, OCHA, OHCHR, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Spanish Cooperation, Sri Lanka, Sweden, SDC, Switzerland, the Netherlands, United Kingdom (UK), DFID, UNHABITAT, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNOPS, UNRWA, UNESCO, UNSCO, United States (US), USAID, WFP, WHO.

Secretariat: Local Aid Coordination Secretariat (LACS) 

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